Meet Bushra

At the age of 19 she announced her candidacy for the Cook County Board of Commissioners to serve as a voice for her underrepresented generation and other marginalized communities.
Her campaign has been covered nationally by TIME magazine, Teen Vogue, VICE, Scholastic Magazine, NowThis, The New York Times Upfront, and Glamour magazine to name a few.
Bushra is Glamour Magazine’s College Woman of the Year, and recently was the recipient of the HWPL Publicity Peace Ambassador Award from an International Peace Organization branched from the United Nations.
Bushra's passion for various issues and organizations lead her to decide to run for office and her campaign resulted in historical voter turnout, making her a strong second with 13,500 votes. 


Bushra Amiwala is a Skokie native and daughter of immigrants who truly appreciates diversity in its many beautiful forms. As communities across our nation - the working poor, religious and ethnic minorities, and young changemakers who are ignored by political establishments, to name a few - are pushed aside, Bushra is a committed voice for underrepresented citizens. She seeks to ensure that our nation’s future is in good hands by building a compassionate, politically engaged generation.


In the summer of 2016, Bushra served as a head intern for then-Senator Mark Kirk. Bushra is a Democrat but sought to build empathy with the Republican Party and to understand their stances on issues. Earnestly lending her skills to a Republican campaign showed Bushra that respect for differing opinions is the only way to preserve American ideals. As the 2016 presidential election loomed, Bushra was surprised to learn that many of her peers would be casting a ballot for the candidate she felt was running a campaign on hateful rhetoric. A champion of change, Bushra sprang into action: she would run for office herself. We need fresh, diverse ideas at all levels of government and Bushra wants to spearhead this change.


Bushra’s campaign for the Cook County Board of Commissioners inspired many nationally. Bushra was #4 on the 18 Muslim Women of Watch in 2018 list. Bushra has spoken to over 40 high schools ranging from including New Trier High School, and Roger C Sullivan High School to countless universities such as The University of Chicago and Northwestern University. She was the youth speaker at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington D.C, on the renowned panel of Millennials in Politics at the Indivisible Chicago Summit and DePaul University’s Service Speaks Conference’s Keynote speaker. She hopes to stay engaged by motivating other young people to get involved through her powerful story and impressive oratory skills.

Diversity &

Equal Representation


Bushra fights for equality and equal representation of marginalized groups. She believes respecting others opinions is the first step towards equality. 


Bushra launched her campaign at age 19. She cares about youth voices and wants to give young people a platform to share their views.




Bushra stands for women's empowerment and actively fights for gender equality.


Bushra ran a campaign based on transparency to unite both politicians and voters. She made her mark in the democratic party by declining $55,500 worth of corporate funding.



Change starts here. Not just in Cook County, but in the United States.

If Donald Trump can become president without any prior political experience, I can probably run for and hold a county board seat.

There’s a place for anyone and everyone in politics, and your voice can and will be heard.

Bushra Amiwala